Is 7-Zip Safe to Install & Use? Find Out The Truth

Is 7-Zip safe? This is the usual question that gets thrown when a less known application is seen for the first time by a user. Let’s get everything straight about the real score of 7Zip and what it is exactly for. Before we discuss further, make sure to check out our other guides on 7Zip. You can also 7zip download from our site.

7Zip is a file compression tool. Many are not familiar with its name and wondering whether or not it is safe to use. We’ll get into that in a short while. First, let’s give a more thorough definition of what “File Compression” is.

File compression is the process used for packing a file or files in an effort to have lower disk space consumption and for organizing cluttered data. Through a compression program or software, it enables the end-user to take as many files as they want and compress it into one file or folder. This file/folder will be significantly smaller compared to the combined size of all the original files.

Whenever people open up topics regarding compression formats, they typically restrict themselves to RAR and ZIP programs. However, between the two, it’s the latter that is more common and used among people.

7Zip Delivers Best Compression Output

While ZIP formats are a household name for file compression, this is not the best one around. RAR formats don’t beat it either. As per the expert’s point of view, 7z from 7Zip is the ideal compression format available. It even supports password protection on all its compression preferences. It is much reliable and provides lower file format size.

Even though 7z format tops ZIP formats in terms of functionality, it’s amazing how ZIP format is still the leading compression tool used in the market. No wonder why it turns out that Microsoft Windows uses ZIP as its default compression tool. You can also use this for Mac and Linux.

This gives it maximum exposure compared to 7z and RAR. This bypasses most people of other better options that they can use for file compression. The truth is that some are not even aware of the availability of 7Zip until it’s introduced to them.

Is 7Zip Safe and Can It Be Trusted?

One notable benefit that 7Zip has over other similar programs like Winrar is that the .7z file extension is a lot more secure. And no email providers can open it easily. This, however, is a different case with RAR or ZIP.

Since the majority of email providers today snoop into RAR, ZIP and other compression formats, if ever there are executable files compressed in it, it can’t be sent through email. In this case, users will need to send a separate .exe file.

However, since the 7z file extension is lesser-known and less popular, it makes users question its integrity, security, and safety. But in reality, there have been hundreds of thousands of people who are already using 7Zip. Several Redditors will back it up and other forum sites too.

Why Trust 7Zip? Is 7-Zip Safe?

There are lots of speculations and questions that people have. One of these questions still points to the earlier question, is 7Zip safe? As mentioned earlier, 7Zip is totally safe. On top of that, what sets it apart from the competition is its smooth and basic looking interface. Nothing to brag or the need to be showy. It is straightforward and easy to understand. It’s intentionally designed to list the files, provide a set of menus and useful toolbars. Some other benefits include:

  • No welcome dialog boxes
  • No fancy installation wizards
  • Never had any pop-ups or ads
  • No annoying interruptions
  • 25% higher compression ratio
  • Has Linux-based OS support

If you like something more than the simple user interface, just press F9. The 7z will transform into a dual-pane file manager.

How Safe Is 7Zip Encryption

7Zip encryption is one of the most secure compression tools as there is no possibility that an email provider could readily open it.

How Safe Is 7Zip Encryption?

In today’s digital age, the security and privacy of our personal data have become paramount concerns. With more and more sensitive information being transmitted and stored online, it is crucial to ensure that the encryption methods we choose are reliable and impervious to unauthorized access. This brings us to the topic at hand – how safe is 7Zip encryption?

7Zip, a widely used open-source file compression software, has gained significant popularity for its robust encryption feature. By utilizing strong algorithms, 7Zip allegedly provides users with a secure method of safeguarding their confidential files and sensitive data from prying eyes. However, when considering the safety of any encryption tool, we must delve into multiple aspects to ascertain its true reliability.

One of the primary considerations regarding encryption is the encryption method employed. 7Zip employs the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm, which has long been recognized as a secure and efficient encryption standard. Its strength lies in the fact that AES has undergone rigorous testing by cryptographers worldwide and, to date, no practical weaknesses have been identified. This attests to its reliability and makes 7Zip’s encryption seem reassuring.

Yet, no encryption system is completely resistant to potential vulnerabilities. One aspect contributing to this lies in the password or passphrase chosen by the user. The password is the key that unlocks the encrypted files, and this human-factor element presents a significant vulnerability. If a weak or easily guessable password is used, even the strongest encryption algorithm would become susceptible to unauthorized access. Consequently, the responsibility lies with the user to choose a robust and unique password in order to enhance the security of the encryption. Therefore, while 7Zip may have a secure encryption method, securing it with a strong password remains the user’s prerogative.

Another consideration when evaluating the safety of an encryption tool is the possibility of cryptographic attacks. Although no known cryptographic vulnerabilities have been found in the AES algorithm, it is important to acknowledge that new cryptographic research is continuously being conducted. Over time, weaknesses in even the most established encryption methods may be discovered, and it is essential for any encryption tool to have the capability of adapting to updates and security patches to accommodate evolving cryptographic research. While it is unclear to what extent 7Zip has addressed this issue, keeping up with the latest security standards is an ongoing process that should not be overlooked.

Moreover, despite the robustness of 7Zip’s encryption, a potential weak link emerges if the software itself is compromised or contains security flaws. Software vulnerabilities have been detected in even the most trusted applications, which can expose files to unauthorized access or data breaches. Therefore, it is crucial for 7Zip developers to maintain a diligent approach towards addressing any weaknesses discovered and providing updates in a timely manner. Additionally, utilizing the latest version of the software further reduces the risk associated with any potential vulnerabilities.

While the 7Zip encryption method appears to be quite robust, it is important to remember that no encryption is foolproof. As technology advances, so too does the complexity of potential attacks. Therefore, it is recommended that users employ additional layers of security in conjunction with encryption, such as strong antivirus programs, firewalls, and secure browsing practices.

When considering the overall safety of 7Zip encryption, it is crucial to combine the method’s strong encryption algorithms with the user’s responsibility for choosing secure passwords and the developer’s commitment to regular software updates. By expecting these components to work harmoniously, we can maintain a reasonable level of assurance regarding the security of 7Zip encryption.

How to Use 7-Zip

From compression, opening, and splitting files, it’s straightforward with 7z. Files can be verified effortlessly on your PC. The file compression procedure is extremely easy. In fact, there are a couple of ways to do it.

You may use the software using the graphical user interface and the command line. To use the software through the GUI, please refer to the steps below:

Method 1:

  • Step number 1. Select the files that you want to extract.

7Zip System Integration

  • Step number 2. Click the right click mouse button. This will open a new menu.
  • Step number 3. Hover over the “7-Zip” option.

File Extracting

  • Step number 4. Choose “Extract Here.” This brings up a new window that shows the progress as well as the remaining time before extracting the file.
  • Step number 5. Wait for it to finish. The extracted file will show up in the same directory where you have all RAR or 7-Zip files in.

Method 2:

Select Open Archive

  • Step number 1. Right-click any 7Zip or RAR files and then choose “Open Archive”.

Click Extract

  • Step number 2. This opens a new window. On the 7-Zip File Manager, you have to click “Extract”.

Choose the destination to Extract the file

  • Step number 3. After clicking the “Extract” button, another 7-Zip window will pop-up. This asks you which directory you want to save your file.
  • Step number 4. Wait for the program to complete the unzip/unrar process and you’re through! Congratulations!

Is 7Zip Safe?

If compared to other archiving and file compression tools, the 7Zip is much better in terms of raw performance and reliability. If you won’t mind the outdated looking interface, the 7Zip should everyone’s number one choice.

So since you came in this article to answer the question about 7Zip’s integrity, what made you think that 7Zip is not safe or malware? Tell us in the comment section. We are curious to know what you guys have heard about this great software.

For any questions that you may have regarding 7Zip, feel free to leave your queries in the comment section as well. We will try to get back to you as soon as we can.

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  1. Good to know the 7-zip is a safe program to run. I am just an end-user and would like your advice. I downloaded 7-Zip 20.00 for 64-bit Windows x64 for my Win10. I used “compress and email” to send a file. At first, I saw the progress bar in green, then it disappeared. The file is nowhere to be found while 7-zip indicated it stored in “system32.” There was no error message/prompt, which made me worried. I figured the 7-zip could not launch the email program since I had not set up a default mailer. I just would like to confirm that is the case: the task was aborted and the file deleted. Thank you for your help. Kate

  2. Perhaps you should actually address the security questions regarding the various CVE’s issued regarding the potential arbitrary code execution, rather than just blandly stating that it is safe. If there was a reason people thought it was unsafe, perhaps actually explain what has been done to address the issues.


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