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Download 7-Zip for MacOS. 7Zip is a great app that should be included on iTunes. As productivity is a concern on all Apple devices, the development of 7Zip would be a great delight for all its users. I mean, why not? It is the most powerful and secure archiving and file compression tool in its category and field. For more resources about 7Zip for other operating systems, check out our other articles on 7Zip.

7zip for mac

So, you are one of society’s opulent citizens or perhaps meticulous with the software and security. Thus, you prefer using Mac computers. As a matter of fact, some programs and software for Windows, Linux, and Mac are programmed differently. This goes the same with 7Zip for Mac.

By default, Mac OS X is incapable of handling these files. But this shouldn’t be much of an issue as there are lots of other archiving tools available that can open a .7z file and other file compression formats.

The 7Zip file formats are considered better file compression settings because of their high security and overall stability. It 7Zip can compress any file much better than ZIP and WinRAR or WinZip. This makes 7Zip safer and a much better choice.

Download 7-Zip for Mac

Is 7Zip Available for Mac

7Zip is a tool designed for Windows. It is available for different Windows versions like XP, Vista, NT, 10, etc. However, it is not available for Mac.

Using the 7Zip extension is a great way to compress files. It supports many data compression algorithms and provides an open architecture. This allows you to choose which method you want to use to compress your files. The 7Zip format also supports several encryption algorithms.

If you are interested in trying out this great compression utility, then you may want to check out a few of the more popular 7Zip Mac alternatives. Many of these applications are free and allow you to compress your Mac files into a convenient 7Zip format. However, the 7Zip Mac alternative you choose will depend on your specific needs. The most important thing to consider is your disk space. There is no point in trying to decompress a large 7Zip file if you do not have the required disk space.

The Unarchiver is an open source decompression tool available for both Windows and Mac users. It is a free app that will open many archive formats, including 7Zip. It supports Mac OS X 10.6 and later and can be downloaded from the URL below. However, it is a less useful application for people who need to compress 7z files.

The Archive Utility is another option. It is a Mac OS X file management application that supports a broader variety of archive formats than its Windows counterpart. It is also a great file-management application for Mac users who have a need to manage large archives. It will allow you to split up large archives into smaller parts, and then reassemble the contents. It also supports all the basic file types, including the Mac OS file extension. It supports both storing files on the local hard drive and on remote servers. It is also written in Swift.

Another great 7Zip Mac alternative is Keka. It is also a free and open source application. It can compress Mac files into a 7Zip format, and also allows you to view a 7Zip file without decompressing it. It has a Finder replacement, which allows you to open files without launching the Mac OS X browser. It also has a module for deleting files and a large and old files module. It can also scan your computer for large files and delete them.

There are also a few more free and open source options for opening 7Zip files. The best option is probably the free app that will allow you to view the contents of a 7Zip file without actually decompressing it. It will also provide a useful list of files in the 7Zip file. The app also has the largest and oldest file module that will scan your computer and delete files that have been unopened for a long time. It will also provide a list of files in the 7Zip that are the most important.

Lastly, there is the Better Zip app. It is an open source application that will allow you to view the contents of the 7Zip file without actually decompressing the file.

A Walkthrough on 7-Zip for Mac

Keep on reading as we are going to walk you through the steps for opening .7z archive files regardless of what version of Mac OS you are using. Don’t worry, it is easy and quick to do even if it gets an error cannot open a file as an archive sometimes. Here’s how it goes.

  1. Download “The Unarchiver” first. The latest version is 4.3.5 and supports macOS 10.7 or later. the file is 15.2 MB. You can either download it from the Mac App Store or click here for direct download.The Unarchiver
  2. The application is relatively small so you should be able to get it installed for a few seconds depending on your internet speed.
  3. As soon as The Unarchiver application finishes installing, open it and you will see the file association list.
  4. Launch the Unarchiver and there you’ll find the file association list, inform the Unarchiver to associate it with .7z files. File Association
  5. The moment that you’ve associated the Unarchiver with .7z you could then double-click any .7z file on your Mac computer. It will then open and uncompress like other archive formats or launch Unarchiver and just drag and drop the 7z files to the utility.

This is everything that you have to know in opening any .7z archive files saved on your Mac computer. After installing the UnArchiver and associated it with .7z 7Zip files, you may now launch the .7z archive simply by double-clicking on it. Inside the UnArchiver utility, your file will open and decompress the original 7z file. It will exit the app automatically when it is finished. It is possible to directly open the Unarchiver and open the file in the Unarchiver directly where it’ll be extracted.


Since 7Zip archives have undergone a strong compression procedure, it sometimes takes a while in order to completely extract large 7z files. Don’t be surprised as well if the 7Zip has expanded to something bigger than the original file size as the size of the archive. This is totally normal. Just be sure that you have enough disk space to accommodate all the uncompressed data.

Unarchiver is a well-known solution to all kinds of archive formats available on Mac. It’s been discussed as an alternative when you have to unRAR and open RAR files in Mac OS and it can open virtually any archive format you might come across. This can include but not limited to:

  • 7z
  • zip
  • sit
  • tgz
  • tar
  • gz
  • rar
  • bzip and;
  • hqx

Due to its expansive nature and free of charge, it is a wonderful addition to your Mac software toolkit. Well, it is comparable to a Swiss army knife but for computers.

The Complete Package

The Unarchiver provides support to every release of the Mac OS software that’s in use. This is regardless if you’re using the latest release, Sierra, macOS High Sierra, Mac OS X El Capitan, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Yosemite, and so forth. It’ll work and can get the job done in opening and decompressing zip as well as other archive formats available.

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  1. I think some recent MacOS update is blocking the ability to associated .7z and .tar files with the Unarchiver program.

  2. Hi, I am sadly unable to download 7ZIP for Mac – every time I hut the button
    to download nothing happened. I have tries 3 separate browsers’ all with security turned of, and over wifi and witred.

    I just upgraded Catalina to Catalina build 10.15.6 (19G73). Could this be the cause?

    Any help appreciated,

    Kind regards,


    • Ihr Problem hat nichts mit dem Update zu tun.

      7zip ist ein Programm, welches ausschließlich für Windows zur Verfügung steht.
      Da dieses ein .exe Programm ist, können Sie es auf ihrem Mac auch nicht ausführen.

      Ich empfehle ihnen deswegen, sich “The Unarchiver” im AppStore herunter zu laden.

  3. 7zip compression is implemented via another program. In the case of this page use the unarchiver. You can also us keka.

  4. Guys listen. 7-Zip only works on Windows. You can not run 7-Zip itself on a Mac computer. However, “The Unarchiver” by MacPaw does most if not all the file types that 7-Zip does.

  5. You can get Keka on the Mac App store if you want to create 7-zip archives on the Mac. It’s cheap and it works beautifully.

  6. If you are interested in getting the 7z program for Mac (which would allow
    for creating 7-Zip archives), use homebrew and try “brew install p7zip”.

  7. Using Unarchiver 4.2.4 With Mac OS Big Sur version 11.2.3version. Unarchiver doesn’t open 7z files for me, It won’t even let me check the little box for 7z in its preference frame. &z is becoming popular and it sucks that Mac doesn’t have a work around/solution.

  8. I have a macos catalina, and I’m also having an issue with simply ticking the box for 7z in the preference frame.

  9. bitte um Hilfe… Meldung lautet “Geben Sie zum Öffnen von “……..rar” das Archiv-Kennwort ein.
    Was verlangt The Unarchiver da von mir?


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