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Welcome to 7-Zip, the best archiving tool that you can find on the internet. If you need your files to be organized and placed on a single compressed file, 7zip can do that for you. You will never need any archiving tool again with the 7zip software.

In all our everyday computing needs, documents and media files pile up and clutter through time. It creates unwanted chaos, especially when you need a document from some years ago that you created and saved on your Windows PC or Mac with 7Zip. Sure, you can use your operating system’s native search function, but that is only good for a single or a few files. What will help you organize those files is the 7zip archiving tool.

What Is 7-Zip?

The 7-Zip archiving tool is the open-source software created by Igor Pavlov back in 1999. This is to address the problem of keeping multiple files organized in one place. Also, archiving lessens the files’ size without compromising the files’ entire integrity.

7-Zip, as mentioned, is an archiving tool. You can use 7-Zip to create a cabinet of similar files that will help you organize everything. The best thing about file compression is that you lessen the size of the file or files that you archived. This means you will have even more free space for other new and bigger files. The 7zip archiving tool can also be set to group files in one specific archive and protect them by encryption or password. This is very much useful and helpful, especially when sending sensitive data through a network.

What It Can Do

Compress Files

7-zip’s compression ratio is really high. Whether you want a single file or a group of files to be compressed, 7zip can do that for you in different archiving and strong compression settings that you desire. It’s the best of all compression software options you’ll come across. 

File Manager

7zip supports a graphical user interface on Windows OS. That means you can use this app to access all your drives, folders, and files within its user-interface. It has a built-in file manager so you can navigate through all your directories.

Supports Multiple-core CPU Threading

Did you know that 7zip is also used for measuring CPU clock speed in terms of multi-core performance? The 7zip software can utilize multi-core on any CPU, both mobile desktop versions, to provide faster and efficient file processing and archiving.


7zip’s native file extension is reportedly much better than the traditional ZIP file extension when it comes to keeping the archived files’ integrity intact. It was also hailed as the much better choice in terms of encryption and file security.

Independent Tool

Compared to other file compression tools, the 7zip can pretty much do it all. It can create self-extracting single volume archives and open .EXE files as archives for allowing of decompression of data within the entire installable program setup.

.7Z File Extension

7zip’s native file extension is reportedly much better than the traditional ZIP file extension when it comes to keeping the archived files’ integrity intact. It was also hailed as the much better choice in terms of encryption and file security.

Better Encryption

The 7zip, especially with its native .7z file extension, can provide a 256-bit AES cipher that can help secure your file in case of compromise and data breach.

Command-line Interface

For non-Windows users, the 7zip supports Linux’s command-line execution to manipulate, compress, and decompress files on a different platform that supports this software.

Supported Archiving Formats

7-Zip supports many file compression formats. Its native archive zip format is 7Z which is represented by a .7z file extension. While 7zip alone can create various archiving formats such as ZIP, RAR, 7Z, Gzip, bzip2, xz, tar, and WIM, it can unpack a lot more different file compression formats.

Here’s a list that you can use as a reference:  APM, ARJ, CHM, Cpio, DEB, FLV, JAR, LHA/LZH, LZMA, MSLZ, Office Open XML, Onepkg, RAR, RPM, Smzip, SWF, XAR, Z archives, CramFS, DMG, FAT, HFS, ISO, MBR, NTFS, SquashFS, UDF, VHD disk images, NSIS or LZMA, some MSI files, Some Microsoft CAB (LZX compression).

To give you a broader view of what 7zip can actually do and why it is useful for your everyday office-based needs or even home-based tasks, we have listed some of its major features. These features, as you will find, are very much the basic fundamental uses of 7zip.

Is it Safe?

Due to its less popular reception and late arrival to the scene, the 7zip is sometimes mistaken as some form of malware. This is natural for those less acquainted users. But the fact of the matter is, 7zip is the safest and most useful tool compared to other popular archiving tools.

In fact, the 7zip software is used by some IT professionals and tech individuals as a manual tool for extracting, identifying, and deleting some types of malware and computer viruses. Unlike the better-known WinRAR, which has some serious vulnerabilities for most malware, the 7zip has no known Windows virus that can defeat it.

While its interface may look outdated and too simplified for most people’s taste, it makes up for its use on most archiving, compression, and decompression tasks. So if your question about 7zip and its safety still stands, let us be the one to assure that it is safe by any means and angle possible.

The only reason that we see 7zip being not safe software is if you downloaded it from an unofficial source. We all know that anyone can rename a file or any software and brand it as 7zip. To ensure that you are using the original and safer version of 7zip, kindly get your installer from a trusted source, such as from this site or 7zip’s official website. www.7zip.org.

How to Download 7Zip

To download 7Zip, visit the 7Ziphelp home page and click on the version you want to download. Now, run and install the downloaded file from the downloads folder in your system.

In the era of digital dominance, when file compression is an essential aspect of everyday computer activities, having a reliable and user-friendly archiving tool is of utmost importance. One such program that has gained immense popularity among computer enthusiasts and professionals alike is 7Zip. Whether you are a tech-savvy individual seeking an efficient compression utility or just someone looking to minimize the storage space occupied by your files, knowing how to download 7Zip can prove to be an invaluable skill.

The first step towards acquiring this powerful archiving software is visiting the official website of 7Zip, which can be easily found through a simple search engine query. Upon arriving at the website, you will be welcomed by an intuitive and straightforward user interface. It embraces a minimalistic design, which both facilitates easy navigation and enhances the user experience. As with most legitimate software downloads, one can be naturally cautious about online security vulnerabilities. It is always prudent to download directly from the official site to mitigate the risk of stumbling upon counterfeit versions floating in the vast ocean of the internet.

Focusing on safety and security, the official website of 7Zip provides assurance to its users by crafting well-established encryptions like RSA and AES-256, thereby safeguarding their personal information from potential threats or unauthorized access. The presence of digital signatures on the executable files maintained on the website pledges authenticity, ensuring the integrity of the original 7Zip distribution.

To download 7Zip, one can navigate effortlessly through the easily distinguishable interface. The well-demarcated ‘Download’ section specifically caters to the needs of the user, presenting numerous options tailored for different operating systems. The program supports a wide range of Windows versions, from legacy systems like Windows 98 to more recent ventures like Windows 10. Furthermore, 7Zip circumvents the boundaries set by various licensing systems, as it is available under th adware and nagware free General Public License (GPL).

Upon selecting the desired operating system, a single click will redirect you to the version selection page, where you can choose either the stable release or betas and archived versions as addressed by your requirements. The developers’ transparency in providing access to the entire release history only contributes to reinforcing its authenticity, as it implies continued improvement, bug fixes, and enhancements over time.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the different version options and made your selection, clicking on the appropriate download link will initiate the process. It is important to take note of the file size, as 7Zip’s remarkably smaller file size offers a faster download speed, especially when compared to similar competing software applications. Users with a limited internet speed or capped data packages can look forward to optimizing their download time while utilizing this exemplary application.

Before finalizing the download process, recipients can choose to catalog the available compression formats supported by 7Zip, which span an extensive range, further expanding its versatility. Ranging from universally compatible ZIP files to specialized archive formats like RAR and ISO, 7Zip poses as a one-stop tool for handling an assortment of archived documents.

Knowing how to download 7Zip, which offers top-notch performance and remarkable convenience, is a valuable skill in the current digital-centric climate. Its availability, security mechanisms, extensive support for various operating systems, and diverse range of supported formats make it a promising choice for anyone in need of efficient file compression.

Use 7-Zip for All Your Archiving Needs

If you regularly deal with all sorts of files, do not just use a folder to organize them. Folders are easily hacked and accessed by any person, even the non-techy ones. To be more safe and secure, use 7Zip to organize your files and make them encrypted using your own preferred password. Plus, you get to save more hard drive spaces the more you use them.

We highly recommend using 7Zip in your everyday use. Choosing this archiving tool as your primary cabinet or folder in your computing machine makes a lot of difference, especially in the long run.

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  1. Bonjour,
    J’utilise depuis fort longtemps 7-Zip, ce qui m’inquiète est que depuis un certain temps j’ai constamment des alertes de vulnérabilité pour ce logiciel.
    J’avais cru comprendre que depuis la version 18 la faille avait été corrigé.
    Dans le doute, je crains de devoir supprimer 7-Zip, qui pourtant est bien utile.


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